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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sugar Rush / Europe

About a year ago, i got to see parts of Europe.

I am very glad i made the trip & parts of the trip keep coming back to put a smaile on my face.

The yellow flowers against a grey wall & a greyer sky, shopping in a grocery store in paris, taking the metro to everywhere, diving deeper into my jacket in a sort of cold i had never experienced & eating pie on a park bench. 
I look forward to more such travels & more food photos in the mean time:)

A pie crust with a custard filling & fresh berries. a mild sugar syrup adds a lot of glamour. I ate this while R drank beer on a garden bench on a sunlit afternoon amidst some very chic parisians.

Thats an orange - chocolate muffin with candied giner bits for extra pop! (on the far left ) & ice-cream rose (right)
We sniffed out gelaterias & ice cream parlours all over.This one here is wild berry with ofcourse, (my favourite) dark chocolate. Amidst other flavours we also tried, a poppyseed flavour, blueberry (just to see our tongues turn purple), lemon & yogurt.

We stopped for coffee all over. for small shots of expresso in wood panelled bars & for the cold coffees in the cafe sorts & for milky ones at a boulangerie cafe like this one where we ordered coffee, brownies & macaroons.

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