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Thursday, August 6, 2015

living life offline

Hello people!
Took a mini break from online life to live a little offline.
I watched the rain, took a weekend trip to sit still in front of the mountains, picked plants for my sunny balcony at a local nursery, drove all over town, dirtied my hands in puddles of water & etc etc.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Behind the Scenes: Fun Photoshoot!

Last week was a whole lot of list making & phone calls, a lot of co-coordinating, frustrating bits & a ton of anxiety. It was that time of the year where every fiber of my being (allow me a little melodrama!) went into getting picture perfect photographs. Rewards of the process were, of course, prop sourcing trips to some of Bangalore's most well-curated decor stores, working with a helpful team & good talent ...all of which resulted in a successful shoot.
I spent a good amount of think time on all the team work & co-ordination that goes into bringing a whole set together & making the image in your mind come real. Let's not get swayed by every casual click on Instagram or edited images on Pinterest.There are probably 2 people holding the curtain drapes straight & a photographer holding his breath while clicking the addition to the many others who stand frozen awaiting a good shot! 

So the shoot is not always the stylist or the photographer, It is also those who fixed the odd wires into place, the guys who made sure tea came in time, the assistants who ensured we caught just the right kind of light etc & etc.

We had a good shot. Can't share pictures, Alas.The grand unveiling of it all will happen in 2 weeks time at the Heimtextil India edition.(Yay!)
In the meanwhile, I'd like to share snippets, interesting props & fresh greens that brightened up our day & got us all excited:)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Project Jacquard

I'm just dropping by to say "hello"! & of course share this link that a friend of mine was kind to share with me:)
When i first saw it, it blew my mind, got me overwhelmed at the possibilities of the future & reminded me of the simplicity of the past.

It is truly marvelous where we have reached & future looks fun!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Royal Exotic !

I came across this upholstery fabric by Manuel Canovas ( a couple of days ago while i was voyaging through the internet. I stopped & stared hard. It was a stunning piece inspired by Mughal art successfully reduced to commercial & production constraints yet retaining the very essence of the inspiration.Saturated in colour, pattern & detail,  this was such a visual treat!

I daydreamed around the piece adding a teal couch & photographs of ( absolutely unrelated) royals in gilded frames.

I can see myself  alternating between ogling at the gorgeous Dara curtains & reading a book 
(White Mughals maybe) while waiting for my imaginary butler to bring in some "chai".

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Imaginary Rooms - 2

When the skies look a little grey (like they do in my part of the world nowadays) & the sun is playing shy, mornings look perfect for a little extra snooze time & maybe some leisurely reading in bed.
Painting up my Imaginary bedroom with some bright pops much inspired by the heavy sky & sleepy mornings!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Art makes it better - Introducing Indian Art to children

My folks didn't actively introduce Art into my childhood.I was a student with moderate drawing skills & a more than average inclination to understand Art.Based on my own interests i surrounded myself with whatever art prints i could lay my hands on. An early memory is one where i collected art prints of works by Amrita Shergill & Jamini Roy from a table top calender. The memory came back to me while i spent a gorgeous afternoon at the National Gallery of Modern Art, absorbing the great works of Jamini Roy, an Indian artist who is renowned for his inspiring contribution to the Modern art scene in India. 

The bold strokes, the simplicity of the compositions & the deep hues resonate with me as strongly now as they did when i was a 12 year old cutting out art prints from the calender.

These simple subjects make a great contemporary statement while doing up the decor of a child's room & also serve as a interesting way to introduce a child to Modern Indian Art.

My top picks would be these:

 1 - Cat with Shrimp
The flowering of the cat's tail, that offbeat stroke of pistachio green paired with solid colours of blue & ochre, the very presence of a shrimp in the frame adds quirk to the composition.

2 - Black Horse
The Indian interpretation of  Anna Sewell's 1877 novel, Black beauty could be this.Standing tall in black against a deep red background make this a powerful image to use.My favorite part about the horse would have to be the effortless stroke that becomes the mane.

3 - Bird

The bold dots bordering the picture, the fish motifs, the "bandini" like dots have a folk appeal but yet look so contemporary with its minimal use of detailing & choice of pastel colours. Who wouldn't love that shade of Avacado ?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Field Trip

I visited a print production unit a couple of days ago.

While I talked work & processed crucial information, my mind also wandered a little.
I am in awe of the work force at most units, the labour they put in & the craft they hone, knowingly or unknowingly. Ordinary heroes who ought to be celebrated a tad more often.

I caught some whimsical things peeping at me & decided to share this small tour of what truly lies behind your favorite T -shirt or cute pillow case.

Watching these people do what they know is a learning in itself. They taught themselves this by doing it diligently everyday.Observing nuances & discovering new findings. Nimble hands at work!

                                                             Did you have a good time?

I caught this guy grinning back at me :)