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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Koshy's Automatic Bakery

With so much on the web, the world seems 5 times larger than i used to know it as.
I'm told it's a good thing to be able to know so much but i truly debate that it's true.
There's so much visual & vocal noise around us with instagram, pinterest, facebook, you tube & the million other apps and sites i have no clue about that i feel more aware of  my life when i stay away from the noise.
As i write this, i am seperated from the main road by 2 flights of stairs , a couple of corridors & a glass wall but i still can hear the restlessness of everyonw who owns a horn out there.

I am trying to de-clutter by taking less digital photos , printing more copies of photographs to hoard memories for the future & actively keeping away from time sucks like facebook. Pinterest, However, is swallowing away my time in big gulps in the mean time. For now, i am not complaining.

Ofcourse, i love quaint spaces & cozy cafes. I look forward to going back to the old world cafes despite the bad service & average food.There's something about the history that keeps making me go back for more...of the bad service & average food.

It was a sunny afternoon & I was at richmond road for some work. I had some time to take a break. I walked towards koshy's automatic.It's spelt in a font that perheps when it was constructed, was truly futuristic.Ofcourse, in 2013, it looks like a set for a low budget futuristic kanada film.

The smell of the 4.00 clock batch of fresh bread hit me.It's one of the best smells in the world.

The shopfront stocks pastries, lemon tarts, chocolate tarts, mini mutton pies, very yummy veggie puffs & choclate eclairs. Behind the little shop is a larger bakery which churns out these goodies & makes loaves of fresh bread! Ofcourse, there's a cat curled up between a few loaves of warm bread which i am assuming will be thrown out rather than packed with some cat hair & sent to someone's home to trigger off a violent asthma attach!! ( wrong assumption maybe?)

I still love going back! for cheap veg puffs & unbelievely yellow lemon tarts and the chocolate eclairs :)

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