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Sunday, March 1, 2015

3 "almost always foolproof " upholstery finds for the Indian home!

2 years is a long time to compose a post!but look who's back!
so i'm going to keep this one short & sweet.

3 "almost always foolproof " upholstery finds for the Indian home!

There are a lot of things & very beautiful things out there & the stack becomes prettier by the day.
But let's not lose focus.
We are here to look at the 3 great fabrics that will do it for you -in the upholstery field of things

1- Why blend in when you can stand out.& stand out you must.These saturated colours in short pile velvet & chenille will bring in the colour to you bold.dress your couch in teal, turquoise or  a hot pink! & work the magic around the statement piece.They might be a little more work ( a short vacuum session once a month) but every time you look at it, you know what love feels like.

2 - Tight knit textured fabrics
Think herringbone, think twill, think thick weaves.Again, great to put onto your couch especially if you can see a careless someone spilling some wine or a 4 year old jump on it. Well, if you keep the colours neutral & pick a tightly woven textured fabrics in shades of linen, coffee, beige, have something that will smile back at you in 5 years (after which you deserve a change!)

3 - Chunky Textures
Big fat two tone basket weaves.So simple yet so forever!
These are resistant fabrics in good colours & will withstand a good amount of wear, tear & cats paws!

* picture courtesy: Pinterest / Etsy / Kravet / Domaine

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