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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CAKE experiments!!

I have been on a cake making trip.

It's not surprising.I have bottled in seasons & seasons of Top chef, Masterchef Australia & Top chef "just desserts" & Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and so a volcanic outburst of the culinary inspiration would have to have made it way out sometime.

I feel like I have donned a "Nigella Lawson" spirit in the way i drop chunks of butter & litres of cream into the mixing bowl without the slightest trace of guilt. I feel the butter in the pores of my skin....seriously!!

However, i have made over half a dozen cakes & a few attempts at cookies in my trusty rusty old baking oven.Its as or probably older than me & looks like a dated UFO model with a glass top.However, it's been a good sidekick & understands my cake making urges at 2 in the morning & sort of grumbles but never gives up.

So far,I tired a peanut butter cake, about 2 chocolate cakes & 1 fudgy chocolate cake with a chocolate butter frosting, a chocolate cake with a chocolate cream & biscuit frosting, choco- chip cookies & as i write this, i have 3 egg yolks stocked away to try a custard.

The pictures are from the latest cake I made for my uncles 65th birthday & it was a good evening full of family fun & housie.

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