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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

About 2 weeks ago, i went away to Malaysia for a couple of days.
I woke up to a skyscraper view & a gorgeous breakfast of very many things.
After the first 2 days of trying to try everything, i returned to eating Toast & cereal.
I did manage to eat assorted dim sums, supremely yummy waffles with blueberry compote & whipped cream, some Malaysian savouy snacks etc over the days i spent at the hotel.

Malaysia is a really pleasing place.Everybody in KL seemed to speak English. The landscape though filled with giant glass structures still keeps its green intact.slick retail spaces with great discounts, great for fashion, food & interior inspiration! whats not to like?

The country side is charming. houses on stilts & ladies in conversation.Chinese temples every couple of kms. Beautiful roads & hill sides of green.

I did reject a lot of foods based on the smells & quite a few things were stinky but i did try some new things like, cats eye juice (the fruit looks like a cats eye & hence the name).It's light & tastes like a cross between a mild fruit & tea. There was the hot pink dragon fruit juice which had a peppered look because of its crushed seeds.I tried some local Malaysian fast foods joints & food at a charming riverside restaurant at Selangor. Oyster with eggs, lamb meatballs, prawns in hot oil, fish stew, the real Nasi Goreng with satay chicken & tons of chocolates :)

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