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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Coffee and conversation / courtesy: Barista!

Barista requires a review and an emotional one according to me.
I generously award it 4 stars cause it has tugged my heartstrings...with memroies that were rays of sunshine in dark delhi days and also with occasional extra helping of choclate sauce in my regular cafe' mochas and smiles that assured recognition.
I have been a fan of coffe since the day i walked past the shop selling freshly grounded cofee nose still sniffs around when im in the same area hoping to catch a whiff of that familiar headiness.
Although i must say at this point that Barista was one of the places i detested before full blown consumerism took me by arm and all.. * I now greedily lap up the offerings with no shame!!*
Barista, greenpark/new delhi was one of the more discreet cofee shops, blocked out of view by the delhi metro constructions..and it was inside where i waited amidst many other regulars who knew my frequency of vists and schedules as well as i knewtheirs.....i waited amidst Mr.X/beady eyed watched people from the corner of his eye while he pretended to read or the grizzly bear look alike who seemed like he had given up everything for a life of chess...and the shortcropped hair / pretty girl who everyone turned to look at atleast once when she enetered.
We usually went about our business real quick...entered..after we served our little waiting period, which we both did by turn, we would go order our regulars, dilly dally and pull weird faces around the counter while we decided what muffin we would gorge on(it turned out to be blueberry each time)......and would go and proceed to the important matters of the week such as work, bitching about bosses/ clients/ relationships / life / auto drivers (for R ) / bus rides( i lived a meagre life in comparison to R who lived in delhi and made me believe that she was in Manhattan).
What i liked best was that hey would replace the order if we fussed about it even and it probably helped that we were regulars and R had quite a smile!
I also like thier chicken chettinad sandwiches which are nice and spicy and fresh and recently discovered in bangalore, their smoked chichken sandwiches which is a meat extravangaza for a snack food *yummeh* I loved that they had a small section outside with tables and umbrellas and the otherwise unlikely Barista paraphernelia which made me feel a little less like i was sitting in a small coffe shop of a proabbaly large chain!!
Me and R loved it all 3 times a week we frequented it! and they loved it that i proabbly lavishly spent a huge part of my small stipend on them 3 times a week for a long long time!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post Nammo. That Barista will always have a special place in my heart and in all probability it was just at the thought of meeting you over a cup of coffee. It kept me going through the day..

the elusive 'R'

Anil P said...

To start with a place is merely incidental to all else.

And eventually it is the 'all else' that makes the place 'the thing'.