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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

barbeque nation 100 ft road

Family lunches can be fun for some…..when you know there are fun loving uncles and humourous aunties, promiscuos cousins with a million tales and little kids you can bully.
I haven’t been on too many family lunches but whenever I have been on one, I have returned exhausted. Theres way too much drama, emotion and action coupled with plenty of laughs and lots of food for one unprepared person to handle!

So first lunch of the new year was with family. “Errr…….!!!!” Would have been my initial response but
The silver lining here was the choice of venue.
Considering most of my meals and outings happen in budget places almost everywhere….i was more than just excited to have lunch at the barbeque nation with lill green papers coasters which said “the world on a grill”
So menu for lunch would be :
3 extremly dramatic and one moderately dramatic woman….coupled with a bunch of chilled out, I don’t care, rational and logical types and that my friends…….makes a new year lunch meal more interesting that “lasuni jhinga” on a skewer.
So we seated ourselves comfortably after the round of hugs and handshakes and new year greetings!!! we dived right into the menus……..(atleast me and Kay did !!!)
So there was the rum and gin for the men, wine for the ladies and fruit punch for the kids and ice tea for me…..(yes, I sit sit at the childrens table!!)
I loved barbeque nation, concept and food since I got introduced and treated to it by a big time small friend of mine. I love the unlimited starters on skewers, brush with which u can butter up ur meat chunks and sauces you can savour it with….i love the fact that u can fill urself up to the brim with starters and jump right to dessert with a little biriyani in between.
The starters were endless and the best…….tandoori aloos…yes! Lasuni prawns …yes! Chiken tikka, kheema kabab, mutton seekh kabab, fish peppered tikka, babycorn grill, bring it on babay!
And it keep it coming!!!!

Me and kay had to take breaks and sip our respective fruit punches and ice teas to not lose focus. There were a couple of breaks and re considerations but I guess we had to stop once the waiters started ignoring us…it was probably time for main course!!

The main course usually takes back seat at barbeque nation. I skipped past the butter chicken and alloo panneer blah and some white nonsense and some jeera rice to get to some picked baby mangoes….”hmmm…inter-essting! And we move on to adraki fish…eiww??maybe …and crab meat ahh-a!
This time…I let my adventurous self take over and ventured into the sea food section and walked back with a couple of crab legs. The rest of my excited family gave me running instructions on how to break into and make most of the crab legs. We are coastal people and my fish eating skills have always made my mum frown but here I had indeed redeemed myself in the choice of food I made and I had temporarily made her forget all that and my dirty shoes for the time I looked victorious with my crab leg. (here, I must mention that I imagined the crab meat to be very different in taste but it was similar to the salty fish meat off a bang(d)a

Desserts were confused. My sister had three helpings of the gauteux just to figure out the flavour…and my nephew polished off all his little spoons and bowls of dessert only to dismiss everything off as average. I made a gaudy choice out of nostalgia and heaped my dessert bowl with fruit and ice cream and topped it off with an obnoxious amount of strawberry jelly and green coloured gooey jelly!!!!
And there I was again… mangalore…..just a little above the table with my qutub minar of a sundae glass with strawberry and vanilla ice cream and custard embracing me…..keeping me away from the harsh realties of homewok (then ) and the boss man (now)

And ofcourse, if I did miss the masala on the grill …it was generously contributed by the family !
Lots of general emotion and discussions kept being passed around the table along with a super cute but cranky lill nephew and some cars to keep him happy!


Shreyas said...

oooh i miss BBQ nation.
starters and plan ever.

nirali said...

there r hardly any blogs that r fun to read..yours is a lot of fun!u r gonna b a famous author one day!