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Thursday, September 4, 2008

namma ooru bangalooru.....

It has been seven months since something went up on my blog!! the urge to write has been killing especially when i have a heated argument with a goon of an auto guy or some irritating something else. and i dont know who to vent to...these things bring out the dormant anger in me.

Have temporarily shifted base to bangalore to try life ......i start my day with waking at an ungodly hour where i curse till my brain goes numb and then i rush to be greeted by the south indian rice "item" for i have had all forms of pongal, puliyogare,chow chow bath,bisi bele bath, lemon rice, curd rice, tomato rice, sambhar rice, ...its a rice fest and i dont like it!!! NOT any more......then comes "raghu" the killer driver....rumour goes that he previously was an ambulance driver...the question rmains if he drove dead people around or if his driving killed them..i woudl love to pick the latter cause i ahve sat and reviewed my life in 3 second span sesions every time he decides to pull a turn or turn a trick on his unsuspecting co traveller.

I head to office and head out dreaming about a future...i did the same thing two years ago...Dreaming about the future is a disgusied form of self theories on that and many things else will be revealed in a book i will write on another vacation in some sunny beach place or some pleasant hilly place..(you see what im doing here...write, vacation, sunny beach....dreaming!!!) somewhere in between i battle laziness, disillusionment, and more rice meals and watery sambhars before i step out at 5 when the office shuts. Its a six day routine with little space for anything else...much of what i want or itend to do in bangalore remains...and i keep dreaming.......about the future!!


Sushrut said...

well nammo .
the futures always bright and brave
well atleast it better be

Mandakini said...

nammo is back!!!

"the question rmains if he drove dead people around or if his driving killed them."

:D i laughed!

i love this post honest and so well-worded :)

but i want more!!

Mandakini said...

i noticed that while leave comments regularly (and sincerely) on your blog you have left none on mine!

time to return the love nammo!!!!


thanks manjooooo!!!
haan..tera bhi number aayega......zen maadi!!

fulcrum said...

oh look who's back! :)

and i see u have resigned urself to slavery..
and i think i could take some pointers from raghu, he seems good at terrifying passengers :D

Shreyas said...

On Sunday, drive raghu around in his auto.