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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Breakfast at nammOz

This one just could not go undocumented.It called out to me which is why this mundane, boring and so done sort of everyday breakfast gets its 15 seconds of fame on my blog.

On most days, I end up waking up right in time for lunch... so afer nibbling on my mum's evident displeasure at my bad waking habits...i proceed shamelesly towards the lunch counter:) and so in the last 4 weks i have been home....there has rarely been breakfast.

so last night after "Top chef" on AXN and "Hell's kitchen" on Travel and Living and a lot of critical thinking about important matters..:)...I figured...sleep wasnt on its way i sat up tossing and turning thinking about how the morning breakfast ougth to be. Chilli& cheese toast (which i never had enough of when i was at NID) , a full omlette and hot coffee. yummmm!

My mum's friend sent us over a packet of freshly ground coffee powder from her estate in Chikmangalur and we finally had something that was authentic and as close to gourmet as we possibly could be!My dad woke up to the very very unlikely sight of his daughter cooking up a wholesome breakfast even before he went for his morning walk.

Once the cooking was done, there was momentary figthing off the urge to gobble down a lovely brown toast with a catastrophic amount of cheese melting away seductively on it.....and then there was also me shooing away a very interested crow with one hand and trying to be photographically perfect with a camera in the other hand!

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