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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Being nowhere.......doing nothing!

When i was 14 , i thought people made too much of a fuss about being a teenager and the trials and tribualations of it and all that. I sneerd at it back then but realised by 22 that like most things in my life, the reality of confusion and all that it encompases was runnning late but did a mighty good job when it finally did catch up! Im hoping weak bones and grey hair will also bring along some peace to me.If you wake up at a different place and at a different time , would you wake up as a different person?...Edward Norton thinks to himseelf in Fight Club.....and honestly havent u thought of the same thing(maybe in different words) at some point! 70% of my life lies ahead of me and i cant help thinking"what if i dont get to where i want to get to?"im full of questions and maybe of the wrong kind! Things that should interest me dont and confusion and me have a history together! Life is really happening in spurts and it pretty much is in transit lounge stage where u sit around waiting for your flight to come around!The problem with independence is that it becomes its own monster and takes over the person in you that once in a while wants to cuddle up to her mum and whine her heart about it or cry so much that it would flood the planet!
catching strange thoughts that buzz around like irritating flies around my head. Rambling is an art and I do it so well. well, the point of this is that.........(like someone said ..) pointless stories are my thing!!

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