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Monday, April 28, 2008

Dinner TIme alreAdy?!?

My style of cooking comes under the broad categorisation of "cook and go" style. I cook with the ingredients i have and usually cook up something which does not take me longer than 10 minutes to make and 20 to finish.(some say im a slow eater.) so today was macaroni with red cabbage(the cross section of the red cabbage is freakingly pretty and a possible textile inspiration for the starved:)) and beans, mashed potatoes with a generous cheese dose and dried tomatoes. The scorching heat in our tropical country comes to one good can dry tomatoes up in less than a day! thats a shocker...isnt it? if it werent for Rs 20 for a kilo of tomatoes, my kitchen cupboard would have a nice tin full of sun dried yummies for use the whole year through!!!
Serving suggestion: best served with full control over the remote and a good show on the telly! *bliss*

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