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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Men in BLack!!

It was my first ever attendance at a fashion week and so i was appropriatly excited!
Maybe im very new to the field to even give my opinion on it.... and maybe those who have been dedicated to it will snub me at my uninformed remark but i really was quite disappointed with the "fashion" i saw. The fashion I saw on the ramps, in the stalls and even on the people was far from from I was hoping it would be! (that doesnt go to say anything about my sense of dressing...we can discuss that another time)..... but from the regular fodder i fed myself on fashion TV and a couple of Vogue's and a lot of people with good attitude and oodles of style left me quite disillusioned post the fashion week. The one inspiring trio i saw were dressed in ..... an "Oh so regular" Black suit but looked so charming with their grey hair and geeky glasses and lost faces that i just thought they were pretty much made my day.
P.S: This doesnt go to say i didnt enjoy the fashion week cause i did and i learnt and saw and observed and feasted my eyes out on some gorgeous clothes, celebrities and models. so all is eventually "Yayyy!!"

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