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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Shu che Shocolatery???

A friend of mine, non fussy eater types took me to a place close his side side of town and far way from my surrounding,auto budget area and taste.

So there we were at shocolatery....fancy as ahmedabad can get .....high heeled pumps walked in with suprisingly well fit trousers, english speaking, unlike amdavad amdavadis..(sorry for being so blatantly politically incorrect here...)

The place looked nice...good upholestry.....interesting details assigned to the cutlery and a fairly pleasing menu.

I ordered a Penne Pasta in a hot Italian tomato base and my friend ordered a salad..( suprised me too.I have been out with too many guy friends who tear their chicken apart and stuff their faces with kababs for me to take this sweet smiled boy as a voluntary vegetarian!)

I felt cheated about having to eat pasta that seemed like it was made by a tikka chef with bacha hua butter chicken gravy..and the only thing exotic or remotely exotic in the salad was olives...

Hard to want to shell out cash to eat something that u know ur khansama(cook) can cook better!

To wash out the aftertaste of this incredibly plain meal....we ordered a chocolate mousse going by the name of the restaraunt.....we ate a few spoonfulss, exchanged twisted expressions and complained about the lack of the alchoholy flavour.

The only good thing about (swanky) restaraunts in Ahmedbad is that you can eat a decent meal with dessert and all and still not feel ripped.Its a matter of great significance if your monthly income is coming from your dad's unwilling wallet!!

The drive back around the city and back to the institute...playing Rolling Stones on full boom volume and singing loud enough to scare the other motorists off the road was the best part of the evening!(like they the best for the last!)

All in the verdict! I rest my case!

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