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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Doggy peee !!!

I have a friend who goes by the name Mandakini. (loyal reader of my blog, colleague in coming up with sidey cheesy promo concepts, dancing partner in drunken parties and telepathic companion who excels in matching my bullshit quotient). She wants a dog..and real bad...she found many cute ones, all which she almost wanted to take home but couldnt. I made this illustartion a long time ago..long before she said she found her dream dog.......but i have a feeling she will like this illustartion and see the humour and support the technique. This one is dedicated to her dream dog......which i would like to probably call "snoop dogg!" but i think she has other stubborn plans!


errormsg! said...

hello namrata, this is bagchi...i have just started a blog (finally) which of course has nothing to do with work :)

anyways, im posting a link to ur blog on my linkroll, coz i want to scrap together most sensible bloggers from NID, whose blogs talk about other sensible (or nonsensical stuff), other than just profound design :P

hope ur doing well, heard u helped aneet at her fashion week show? how did it go?

Mandakini said...

my mum told me yesterday (for no apparent reason) that there's a 2 year old lab being given away....and she gave me a smug look which could only mean "i know you want one but you can't have one! ha!"

but i have made up my mind to adopt a stray when i do get a dog....friendicoes has succeeded in getting across that message :D

and for other people who read this blog and go through the comments....i'm going to name my dog 'Ace'

Sushrut said...

your blog SUCKS !!