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Monday, March 3, 2008

Amar rahe Amardeep hamara!!

Amardeep is this 9 tabled restaraunt which is situated at a 10 minute walk away from my institute, (NID).Amardeep has never been some place we have gone because we were craving for the food or the ambience or a quiet dinner or whatever.It has recieved a lot of "taken for granted" attitude from us ..since we go there with the selfish aim of just eating a full mean meal from starter to dessert at Rs 25/-..(u dont get a lot of that even in the third world anymore i guess..:))
I thik they feed us with this overwhelming maternl instinct...much like u never appreciate home food enough but u still eat a lot and u dont really give ur mum credit for it!!!
we went yesterday, a pack of 10 ravenous "US"!!!
"bhaiyya.......10 thali"
"bhaiyya...mujhe sukha roti..mera wala butter lagana....mere ko chaas..mujhe dahi.....kheer hain kya.....sabji kya hain..aur do sabzi..papad milega...thoda cheeni la do..daal bahut meetha hain etc etc etc etc." the list of instructions and requests is endless ......the food is fine...fills u up.....u walk out with bursting seams and burping friends.....
The people are nice.There is always a friendly smile and a very delightful crew who cater to the numerous calls and demands with the traditonal trademark rajasthani hospitality.

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