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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bombay fed me well!

Food is such an attraction when i am travelling. It keeps me looking forward to something I have been missing for long.I cant wait for the "Cutless" (cutlets) on the train journey to wherever..."Zinger burger wth extra mayo" when im in a place where i cant get to a KFC corner.......masala dosa when im in bangalore...or "Malai rabri" at Gwalia's in Ahmedabad....OMG...the list keeps growing endlessly in my head!!!(no wonder i never lose weight!)
I was in Bombay for a fortnight last month and i was rubbing my hands in glee just thinking of all the marvellous food i could hog once i was there. I had prepared countless mental lists to remind me of the places I had wanted to go eat at again. I have spent very little time at Colaba or Bombay for that matter but my food memories of the place are very fond!I was salivating at the very thought of all these places.
I spent a Sunday with a dear friend at Colaba and i just reconfirmed after spending a good sunday with her that ...two foodies is way better than one!
So at soul fry casa, goan chicken curry, rice and some yummy pina colada's later along with some long due conversation I achieved my long waited craving for a good wholesome lunch!(Rice is the ultimate meal maker for a deprived south Indian u see!)
We were stuffed and sleepy but i dont think the state lasted for long.A few seconds later, a guilty suggestion was made to head towards "Theobroma's" and feast on some food for the gods!
So I had my love for a long time-chocolate!!..and walked out with an aphrodiasiac overdose...
Another new entry to my existing list was an Irani in colaba with sparkling clean mirrors.The food was good too but since i had stuffed myself with cookies and cocktails the entire evening (as unlikely and gross a combination as that is ... I was on a mission....and wasnt willing to let go of the freebies that were a part of it!:) so post all the junk, my stomach wasnt willing to accomadate the excellent prawn curry, reshmi kabab and caramel pudding. I instantly knew was going to regret missing out on something taht looked so awesomely delicious!.
My face lights up like a neon billboard when it comes in contact with good food!
So Bombay this time was was a lot of good fun, learning, FOOD, biryani from luckys, famous bombay sandwiches stuffed and piled with tons of veggies, cheese, sev and unlikely things that you would never want to see in your sandwich but full faith in your sandwich wala makes u a happy person post the brown toast!, pork curry, chicken curry goan style, yummy cookie man biscuits and peanuts that i practically made meals out of for several days in a row, yucky chicken liver patte' that my head cajoled me into trying.My taste buds revolted in disgust!, chocolate and coffee from everywhere, good musical evenings with friends, dinner by the beach, a crazy taxi ride all over town and all that, black tea and pure magic biscuits.........:)

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