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Sunday, February 3, 2008

i'd like to thank.........

The problem with life is that there is no background music..and its probably because we dont live life motion picture style..but id like to believe, now looking back at the times i have lived through in my short life, have been ..well..cinematic...the people you meet, the places you go to, the trips that you take, the things you do make so much of you. The place where i was born and where i belong are far apart. I have never lived in a place for more than 4 years at one stretch. My memories go far beyond the pictures i have captured.My photo stock has cropped up only after i earned myself a digital camera .....but the years before that have countless memories in technicolour but a limited handful on photopaper. The pictures here are only a quarter of the last four years.
Reminscing is what i do best nowadays...(which is why i need a job quickly) and thinking about the life i have had the pleasure of knowing makes me want to thank everyone. Annu akka for the "bugori" picking sessions, govind anna for spoiling me with the chocolates, sweety for teaching me to ride the cycle, sachin for playing domino with me, arun for being my chela, jaya aunty for teaching me how it feels to draw..........the list is simply endless. Im glad i got to play on the streets back in the days when traffic was not such a scare, lick mud out of curioisty, run in the afternoon sun feeling like i was right out of ruskin bonds imagination.......i go back to the places i grew up often in an attempt to feel the same way again..but that is impossible and the realisation only occurs after having taking the troubling of trying to live the moment again.

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Mandakini said...

post something new!!! ur blog is slipping into a coma.... :D