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Thursday, April 12, 2007

i am back at home and without a chai gate i feel highly out of place.the thing about identity is , i think its very relative.i never feel a crisis when i am on familiar ground. i feel supremly lost when i feel i dont have a map of something in my head.i feel unsafe and intimidated by unknown alleyways and endless roads. im not saying anyhting new..its just that i relaised this recently.i think we are really not as wise as the 23 that we think we may be. its times like that you feel like you want to look over your shoulder and see daddy behind you.its only when u do turn over ,you see the unknown slimy guy with a bad conscience following you. being a designer doesnt help in anyways...after being told that an analysis is a part of you job, i feel nervous when i dont have a roadmap in my head....which brings me to where i am right now...."bombay".the city is big, crowded,filthy but yet in so many ways never know where the road stops and where the footpath starts and people and garbage spill over all over amidst smoke,dust and grime. the sound of me may make people see red...but i guess this is every newcomers reaction to the city. the ones who have lived here for years together will never let you say these things.apprently this place makes dreams come true.well...all that siad and agreed upon,we still have to consider the capacity of the city and we are way past the capacity.we are burdening the city more and more.and just becoz u have money is no solution to the problme.u have money and so the water tankers keep refilling the tank and you never get to know shortage of water and experience a powercut does not mean bombay is ready to take it are probably treading on other people's toes to enjoy what you are. no no,i dont want to feel guilty or induce guilt in anyone..its only what one thinks when i see all the numerous designer shops and fancy eateries in every nook and corner.its something that bothers me evrytime when i drink my regulars at a mocha or eat my favourite at a churchillz or something...the fact of the matter...are we giving the problem its due attention.


Mandakini said...

I understand the sentiment and even applaud it....but im curious to know where it came from....Whats fascinating to me about this city is the fact that the true-blue Mumbaikars who call this city home and identify every bone in their body with it, seem to be proud of the chaos, the extremes and other idiosyncracies of Mumbai...I suspect a smidgen of pride -albeit misplaced- goes behind the statement that hails Dharavi as the biggest slum in Asia.

sayerhs said...

post EP discussion...
but before that, a background..our ep happend in middle of nowhere..literally. It was in two villages in MP. We stayed in called pipariya, and went to the village every morning by chakda..
well back to the story.
Soumya- Did you know pipariya was a city??!!! And i thought ahmedabad was a town!
Brij- Thats what happens when ppl think bombay's a separate country.

I rest my case.
rotfl ;)