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Saturday, February 3, 2007

chai gate par kya hota hai?

so what is this chai gate cafe?where is it and is it any good?
well...i dedicate the name of this blog to the chai the name suggests a place near a gate where chai is the only item on the could ask for bhajjiya or biscuit depending on the mood of the chai boy and the availability of the item....but what so interesting in a cup of tea...
well takes a lot for a coffee addict to switch loyalty.....i still smile when i smell reminds me of my childhood and walking past coffee stores ,the air around which was heavy with the smell of good coffee powder which was "the" ingredient in every south indian kitchen. coming back to love was appreciation was built and it happened only because of the events that occured at the chai gate. a heated argument which lead to a very constructive activity or a depressing conversation or a hearty laugh......or general chilling out.....the tea always was like there were barrels of tea hidden away from view with the attendent serving us refills even before we could see the bottom of the cup........
there have been times when i have seen the shadows change as i sit agaisnt the fence and look at the crowds fill up the place ....its like watching a movie...and the movie changes each time.....sometimes its a classic, sometimes fnny,dramatic once in a while and peaceful most of the basically.......i dedicate my blog to the chai gate that has given me so many interesting moments .....and hope this willl be a space is virtual relity where the same kind of interaction happens ..........


Mandakini said...

oye post something on ur blog....itl die of inactivity and start growing that greenish mould that you see on bread when its a few days old :)

karan said...

Nammo... I sense sad nostalgia in your words.

I was kind of shocked, to realise that I could relate so deeply to what u'v written, bcoz I always thought this is too early for us( or me) to feel this way about NID, I mean, we haven't even convocated yet.
But what is even more shocking is the tinge of desolation,, that I feel hidden somewhere in ur words, that may be(unknowingly) triggered by the acknowledgement of the fact that finally, its time to get out of this phase of utopian existence, that has cocooned us, all of us together, into a segregated passionate culture, that can exist only in utopia.

No matter how hard we try, the only way one can glimpse back into the cocoon, is thru the short term closets of nostalgia.

I know u wuldn't agree with me upon this. It's ok.
Thats the best part of it all. :)
The cocoon still remains.