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Monday, January 7, 2008

Cosy corners that envelope you in freezing delhi winters is all one can want. The multiple layers of blanket and a soft yellow light filtering in through a textured shade is something i cant give up in lieu of a solid bribe as well. Usually dinners in winters are more like picking up a sub or sandwich or a greasy burger and running off to a more shelterd place with less noise intrusion where i can ctachup with my strange friends about the mixed up lives we lead amidst cranky bosses and confusing desicion making.Saturday demands social activity.....and after eliminating fancy ,expensive places that we on most occasions are unable to afford despite our pooled resources.

i gave up arguing about a place my friend recommended (though she insisted on calling it a dhaabba) when i saw myself bordering between being difficult and whiney.....i slapped myself straight and agreed to go.....(im so glad i did and im so glad she persuaded us into going there....)

the place is called "culinaire" so surprised a place right on the main street ...a few steps away from swanky m block market in GK II can be so sweetly inviting with no airs about itself unlike most things and people in that area seem to blanket themselves with.

i was almost immediatly charmed with the small green rice lights that hung around the unaware that christmas was a good 20 days ago.The people inside the kitchen were working away furiously while i read all the items on the menu board that was mounted above the kitchen window. coming back to the freaking winter cold wave......all hands at the table rushed to warm themselves around the little angeethi with coals on each table.we were occupied fighting for warm room around the angeethis till the food arrived and all eager eyes and hungry tummies shifted attention.

Culinaire serves thai,chinese and lebanese food sans the msg which was watermarked in super big font across the menu. we ordered some green curry, red curry and rice with some crsipy lamb with sesame seeds on the request of one of our north eastern friends with an obsession for crispy eats. The food was sweet and spicy at the right points and the portions were satisfactory as well.The crsipy was succesful in shutting up our friend and the others ,as much as we vehemently deny it were diggin into the crispy lamb just as much. The bill was adequately small and light on my already stripped wallet.i left walking on a little cloud...just because i love such quaint small spaces and would like to own one like it one day and it was like i was in a different place and town. it left me with a silly smile that made the others think i had been back from a quick trip from loony land...but whateva!!!!

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