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Friday, November 9, 2007

Orphan children we are living in lost worlds carring unknown baggage and crossing mysetrious places with noticable surprise on our naive faces. What are we really looking for ? The search of a universal thruth or permanency bothers us to no end...groping for a concrete piece of something........such a load of shyte might say...woman get a hold of yourself....but the wonder is just always ever increasing........what makes you happy...even if it is momentarily so...i think the pursuit of a perpetual state of happiness is quite a high goal to set for yourself.......
So what makes you happy?
A box of soft centred chocolates or un expected compliment or just a lovely conversation.
All three work for me but i am biased towards a good conversation anytime.I love a heated or a heart to heart talk,argument,discussion or fight....i think it makes things more real.
I have always wished and waited for a mind blowing conversation with a co-passenger on the train or a flight that would change my perspective or pull up the curtain to expose a new window to the world.......alas....the best i have had so far is " Have you watchedthe film, Humtum??" or "so Bangalore is famous for cashews is it?"...and i think the twisted mouth expression discourages them from trying say anything for the next couple of hours or maybe the rest of the journey. I had another one of those awesome conversations I was talking about last night at a friends house. opinions and answers and doubts and musings were flying back and forth and by the end of a good two hours ,we realised there was more than just the food that was spicy.There was one plate,four hands and definately more than twelve topics. Religion and politics made good accompaniments for the fish. A little family, friends, films, best drinks and travel destinations, hot women(unfortunatly the other 3 dinner mates were all men and so no one really was willing to drool over a Johnny Depp!!!!) .
It was a normal evening by every logical way of reasoning but.......... it actually wasn't!!!

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