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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Delhi Diaries. bus.....stop!
being on the inside of the bus gives you this feeling of calm coz once you have stepped aboard a blue line bus in delhi,you have to give up on all hopes,ambitions and dreams.They are taken over by the driver and his elaborate crew who play with lives like juggling balls.You have to have a sense of humour to appreciate a bus ride here.(or severe lack of fianancial resources).
I always found it funny that the apprentice who looked like a little rodent with the most menacing look was called "muskaan".....i cracked up everytime he was addressed.
But if you do look beyond the horror and danger of can reach any part of delhi in minimum fare.Im all for good public trasport...(though this one doesnt fall in that catergory


Mandakini said...

nice illustration but so not what i remember the inside of a dtc to look like! did you just get lazy and not draw the rest? :)

namrata said...

i didnt do the illustration inside the bus...and without the people overflowing from the windows....i think u can say that it is incomplete for sure!!!

fulcrum said...

get a bike nammo. harley's coming to india soon :D

Sagar said...

hey nammo,,,,same is the condition of PMT (Pune Muncipal Transport)... rather more worsen than dtc. but delhiet have a metro option. we still have to cope-up with PMT... old-aged, outbursting different cracking sounds,,,etc