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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Behind the Scenes: Fun Photoshoot!

Last week was a whole lot of list making & phone calls, a lot of co-coordinating, frustrating bits & a ton of anxiety. It was that time of the year where every fiber of my being (allow me a little melodrama!) went into getting picture perfect photographs. Rewards of the process were, of course, prop sourcing trips to some of Bangalore's most well-curated decor stores, working with a helpful team & good talent ...all of which resulted in a successful shoot.
I spent a good amount of think time on all the team work & co-ordination that goes into bringing a whole set together & making the image in your mind come real. Let's not get swayed by every casual click on Instagram or edited images on Pinterest.There are probably 2 people holding the curtain drapes straight & a photographer holding his breath while clicking the addition to the many others who stand frozen awaiting a good shot! 

So the shoot is not always the stylist or the photographer, It is also those who fixed the odd wires into place, the guys who made sure tea came in time, the assistants who ensured we caught just the right kind of light etc & etc.

We had a good shot. Can't share pictures, Alas.The grand unveiling of it all will happen in 2 weeks time at the Heimtextil India edition.(Yay!)
In the meanwhile, I'd like to share snippets, interesting props & fresh greens that brightened up our day & got us all excited:)

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