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Monday, October 4, 2010

GADBAD summers!

There are so many posts waiting to be written.
I start writing them in my head, sketch the piece out with words on a spare sheet and finally scratch it all out and jump to dream about the next thing to do!
and hence a lot of posts die a premature death!

Its not always a good thing to say this and make oneself seem like an insatiable glutton....but yes i have eaten a lot of different things over the time that i have been missing on the blog :)
idlis wrapped in leaves with chutney at "janapadaa loka" on the way to mysore, this perfectly golden brown circular (almost geometrically precise circle) chicken steak at "the only place". salmon salad at toscanoes at the UB city mall.....but something that i ate a long time ago and i still remember and have photographic evidence of is the gadbad.

gadbad (in hindi) actually means a mess...and maybe thats why this sundae is called that.Its a uniqely mangalorean favourite available at pabba's but made famous by ideals ice cream.
So its a huge dollop of sunny yellow pineapple ice ream which melts into the layers of cut fruit and raspberry jelly and cashew nuts that is filed into a long glass....oh and did i tell you about the vanilla icecream and very very strawberry ice cream that forms the foundation to this deluxe sugar extravaganza....and please ! lets not forget that no sundae is ever complete without a wholesome and generous toasted nut garnish!

many (OMG...Im melting) hot summers were spent in mangalore at Ideals. sitting with only my head above the table and my hands wringing themselves over the laminated table tops...looking and eyeing and salivating at every passing tray and surrounding table till my gadbad would arrive....:)

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