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Monday, July 27, 2009

10 X TEN!

we have always discussed the lack of art in the public sphere and always wanted more art and installations in public places, more people to enjoy it and we personally wanted to indulge in it.
We thought this would make an interesting project for the community to participate in.
So join in / Sign up and lets make some interesting drawings:)


Kalyani Ganapathy said...

nice concept! wish you all the best.

gunj said...

how do u sign up?

Shreyas said...

take me take me take me take me!

mridu said...

I want to sign up too! but how?

Mandakini said...

hellos! ok im creating a facebook group. all interested enthu-cutless join it and sign up. lets get to it!! :)

aditi said...

i want to sign up :)
why the name 10 x ten though?

Anonymous said...

okay i hope you guys have signed up on the facebook group for this.
Or else just send in an email on my gmail id or on mandakini's gmail id.
lets get this goin;:)

Anonymous said...

sorry that anonymous was me ...nammO