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Friday, June 26, 2009

Life in the indutrial estate-Oshto and the embroidery machine!

You take a piece of paper (possibly, one that is dirty and lying on the ground) and grab a draw wobbly lines and add make the person come alive with some colour and you try to capture detail irrespective of the lack of technical tell yourself midway..."oh i need to change my style"..."I have done stuff like this new!!"

...And then you finish it.....look hard and smile.....(u like this piece).......oh shit**...(i ought to kill my darlings and not fall in every little crap of paper i doodle on.....) but then still go on and upload it :)

P.S: Ostho, the tailor is called Ostho cause he is the eighth child to his parents and they decided to name him "eight" in bengali to keep it simple.

1 comment:

Kalyani Ganapathy said...

Hey! Do you know any tailor who can help me out with bags?