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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Recurring food cravings

walnut meringue at herbs and spices
lasuni prawn and tandoori aloo at barbeque nation
bombay toast at koshys :)
kori gasi (chicken curry) and roti at my house
my mums green biryani
oh! hyderabad house's (aromatic, flavour rises in your mouth) biryani
hot choclate fudge junior at corner house
moca boca (yes it does sound like a bengali gali) -amazing choclate drink at boca grande
kababs at nizamuddin
gadbad from pabbas' mangalore
dal makhni from dal roti (the only veg place i eat from)
the dominos pizza with XXtra meat toping that i ate when i was in class 11.
cold pizza square pizza with XXtra meat topping at ishans house, new delhi
aneeths ghar ka bana hua awesome expresso coffee
rashmi's mums brownies
(damn!!! i need to go and try some more adventureous stuff at.........anjappar for all i care / they apparently serve turkey and veal...sorry im still a novice whn it comes to adventureous food tasting)
the masala dosa outside my office at bommsandra-rs 12 /- only!!!
jackfruit fritters at my sisters in laws house
boiled moong and cabbage from my masi's house in kerala
spicy aloo curry from my hostel refectory (hostel mess)
Phad thai noodles
museli / dry fruits/curd and fresh fruits - eaten at aneeths house, my house, gokarna, all over
hash brownies and cold cuts with toasted bread and cheese!
This one partciluar pasta at sheeba in abad ( i dont remember the name any more)
candied cherries from the stoe room in my house
plastic ice candy off the streets back in 92' (my mum was at home trying to make a healthier version in a desperate attempt from consuming those life threateningly yummy ice candy thingies)
lots more need to go onto this one list............:)

1 comment:

Shreyas said...

I say YAYYY for all of the vegetarian bits above.

I still don't understand how y'all like that walnut meringue at herbs and spices :P